Coco Packs For Kids was formed in 2023 to provide new packs filled with essential items to Marin County foster children.

Carol Ihlenburg and Linda Gener worked together as coordinators of Advokids’ Project K.E.E.P. (Kids Emergency Essentials Pack).  After nine years,  they decided to continue this project they are both passionate about under a new name, Coco Packs For Kids.

Many times, children arrive in a foster care placement with only the clothing they are wearing at the time they are removed from their home. Coco Packs For Kids aims to insure every child in Marin County who experiences the trauma of removal from their home and family will receive a new pack filled with essential items including toiletries, pajamas, blanket, socks and underwear, school supplies, books, toys, gift card, and a teddy bear.

Coco Packs For Kids coordinates distribution of packs with Marin County Children and Family Services (CFS). The emergency response team at CFS provides each child a Coco Pack at time of removal to help provide a sense of comfort during a traumatic time in their life.

We welcome and encourage the Marin community to help enrich the lives of foster children and help us continue to serve at-risk children.

Your generosity makes a difference in the community and the well-being of children who are unable to live in their home of origin due to abuse, neglect, or other circumstances beyond their control.

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Carol Ihlenburg is the Executive Director of Coco Packs For Kids. She has been a foster parent in Marin County for over 25 years and served on the Executive Board of the Marin Foster Parent Association for 10 years.  Carol was instrumental in developing and creating the current Community Resource Center for resource parents in Marin County.

Carol participated on the board of the California State Foster Parent Association and continues to advocate for resource parents by serving as an ambassador for the California Alliance of Caregivers. She currently helps with trainings for prospective resource parents as the Resource Parent Coach.  Her background includes providing bookkeeping services.

Obtaining and distributing donations to foster children to assist and comfort them during difficult transitions is a fulfilling opportunity to contribute to society’s most vulnerable population.

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Linda Gener is a volunteer coordinator of Coco Packs. She worked for Advokids, a local nonprofit in Marin offering pro bono legal services for caregivers of children in the foster care system, for over eight years.

Linda was part of the early development and promotion of the Backpack Project for foster children in Marin County. Her background includes teaching and property management.

Linda's love of children and desire to help those less fortunate is what brought her to join this project.

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